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Tweenies Room

The Tweenies room caters for children aged 3 months - 18 months. The room is a cosy environment with natural light from the roof windows. The room has it's own sheltered outdoor area that is completely enclosed. There is a small wooden climbing frame and a ball pool which the children are encouraged to discover as they become more mobile.

Favourite activities in the Tweenies room

•  Messy play including water play, custard play, baked bean play, mushy pea play, jelly play and gloop play.
•  Exploring the ball pool, using our gross motor skills to climb in and out.
•  Total free painting – very messy but great fun
•  Fruit tasting – exploring new tastes and textures


What the staff have to say about Tweenies

“Tweenies is a home from home environment where little ones can feel nurtured and loved. As they approach their first birthday they are provided with constant support and care as they begin to stand and walk. We use songs, stories and group time to encourage forming and use of first words.”