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About Us

Our aim is to create a homely, caring but structured environment for children in our care whilst also providing a well managed and flexible service for the parents.

We put the care of the children first and foremost and we achieve this by employing highly qualified, experienced, mature staff who provide a loving and stimulating environment. The staff treat every child as an individual and nurture and care for every child's needs. This gives the parents the security they need to place their trust in the smooth running and management of their children's education and care.

We create a safe, comfortable, inclusive, happy environment with rooms dedicated to stimulate and educate young minds. Each room has been designed for the sole purpose of creating the best surroundings to enhance the growth and independence of every child by giving them opportunities for learning.

The staff are dedicated to helping children enjoy and achieve, and all children are given equal chance to accomplish goals and fulfil tasks and activities. All children are observed to enable staff to identify every child's individual needs. Through well planned activities based on the interests and developmental needs of each child within a secure and healthy environment, we are able to maximize each child's individual progress.

We understand that play forms the foundations for all development and learning in young children. It is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally. Well planned play, both indoor and outdoors is a key way for our staff to support all our children to learn with enjoyment and challenge.


Learning through Play

Children need to be gently guided in a positive and sensitive way, enjoying every new experience and learning important skills to help them develop into well adjusted happy children.

Every child develops at their own pace, which is encouraged by the friendly loving staff surrounding the children during their everyday activities.


Foodsteps Sustainability Report

November 2020 marks 12 months since we announced our intentions to migrate to a plant-based menu at Jigsaw. Amid the mini media storm that erupted around our announcement we were contacted by an organisation called Foodsteps who are a sustainable food consultancy based out of Cambridge University. Impressed with the innovative approach Foodsteps had requested the opportunity to carry out a study relating to our changes offering both us and them the opportunity to truly understand the full environmental impact an organisation could achieve when migrating from a traditional mainstream menu to that with a fully plant based focus.
Over the past 12 months we have been working closely with the team at Cambridge University, exchanging data and information relating to our entire food world across all meal times in order to allow them to calculate the true impact of our changes.
After months of number crunching and analysing the data we received our final report from the team at the University a couple of weeks ago and we are now able to proudly share the results with you.
At the point at which the report was issued Foodsteps confirm that by percentage our carbon reduction of 56% is the largest achieved by any organisation that they have worked with.
The independent report carried out by one of the leaders in this sector offers us confirmation that our changes have indeed had the significant positive impact on our environment we set out to achieve as we strive to set a new standard for sustainable nutritious healthy eating in the Early Years Sector.